Systems Biology Model Checker (SBMC)

The overall goal of the project is to provide an online service facilitating the formal verification of biological models (described by sets of ODEs) using the language called Signal Temporal Logics (STL). The service should allow for intuitive presentation of logic formula evaluation using state of the art method called STL property induced phase diagrams introduced in Stoma et al. 2012 and provide integration with open-access library of biological models called Biomodels Database. Easy to use and intuitive interface of the service is highly prioritized to achieve projectís main goals: transfer of potentially powerful methods coming from the Computer Science community to the community of Systems Biology and popularization of model verification on daily basis.

The project got founded and I am searching for candidates (Software Engineer) willing to develop the project: Time: 2 years, salary: 2000-2500e, location: INRIA-Paris Roquencourt. For more details please contact me via email. The working server is here. Current project repository is: (read-only)

How does it look right now?