I am computer scientist. I put ideas into programs to understand. I dedicate my study to biology (check the Results sections to see some tools&models I developed). I work as Image and Data Analyst (IDA) at Scientific Center of Optical and Electron Microscopy (ScopeM) of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich - ranked as 9th best university in the World). We have many possibilities to set up internships here, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an interesting idea on the interface of Biology and Computer Science. Also I am very much interested in entrepreneurship in the context of Biology and Computer Science. I am always very happy to listen about ambitious projects. If you need you can check up here my complete CV.

2017-06-01 This time I have a pleasure to organise our own Image Analysis school. It is Zurich Image and Data Analysis School (ZIDAS) and some further information about the program and application link you can find on the ZIDAS 2017 webpage. We managed to secure outstanding teachers and speakers! The content will be based on Copenhagen and Heidelberg schools which I co-organize.

2017-05-01 New venues where I teach in next months: Bioimage Data Analysis @EMBL 14-20.05.2017 @Heidelberg, 3rd Image Processing and Analysis PhD Course 19-23.06.2017 @Copenhagen. If you are interested in quantitative biology based on microscopy imaging, as every year I strongly recommend these venues :)

2017-02-09 New publications available! This time we describe how to track budding yeast in brightfield microscopy. "Robust Long-Term Individual Cell Tracking from Brightfield Microscopy Images of Budding Yeast", Versari C and Stoma S et al., Journal of Royal Society Interface, 2017.

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